Telepathe (usa)

Album Dance Mother, february 2009, Cooperative/PIAS
Removed from the centrifugal forces of Brooklyn’s “scenes” and avant-garde formulas, but no less crafted by that powerful creative hub, Telepathe carve up the boundaries between any number of genres including dub, hip-hop, and progressive pop, to devastating effect. They are the hypnotic, multi-layered sound of your new favorite band. Though the band has a tradition of rotating members, Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes are the creative pairing at the heart of Telepathe. Their half-spoken, half-sung voices, are seamlessly dubbed together as a unified call that’s at once plainly lush and undeniably creepy. Melissa and Busy possess an esoteric, voodoo-like charm that’s euphoric and impossible to ignore. They have an uncanny knack for crafting a distinctive sound that’s cavernous and compelling, but which also owns an over-riding pop sentiment capable of ensnaring the masses. Telepathe’s debut releases, the “Farewell Forest” EP and “Sinister Militia” 12”, were released via Social Registry in the US in 2007. Since then, their sound has developed towards the thrilling synthetic ambience present in their most recent recordings, as displayed on recent singles for Merok, No Pain In Pop and Iamsound. Killer melodies, trance-inducing loops, drum-machine-driven experimentation, and the haunting vocal interplay between Melissa and Busy are Telepathe’s hallmarks. Their "woman-meets-machine mishmash," as described by The FADER, is present throughout their debut album, Dance Mother, produced by TV On The Radio’s industrious Dave Sitek, due for release via Cooperative at the beginning of 2009.