Les Femmes s'en MÍlent
in a few words

Born as a one-night festival more than 16 years ago, on March 8th 1997 for the International Women's Day, Les Femmes S'en Mêlent has since spreaded into a multi-day and multi-city yearly celebration of the female independent music scene.

Carried with insatiable curiosity and passion, praised for its eclectism and high standards, the festival has always promoted innovating, bold, unfettered and deeply unique artists. Fueled by the ever richer and more varied female music scene, the festival has grown through the years to become a must-attend European event, inviting more and more international artists while always favouring ermerging new talents.

Besides its arguably witty name (Les Femmes S'en Mêlent means Women Meddle and sounds like Women Entertwine), this definitely feminist festival does revel in the growing presence of female artists taking the front stage and thrives to always discover new talents, and hand the mic to more and more women voices.